These links should take you to some of my stories available online. Apologies for any broken links — things beyond my power…

Red Fur –  a 55-word nasty

Breaker – flash fiction published by 1000 Words

Charlie Loved The Circus – flash fiction published by The List

Cuts Like A – flash fiction published by Flashflood Journal

Coffin Routes – regional winning poem and overall runner-up in the Drowned Villages Poetry Competition

Dare – 100-word flash fiction Highly Commended in the National Flash Fiction Day writing competition 2014

Road Trip, Day 105 – a very short flash fiction and a much longer explanation of it published by Matchbook

Vanishings – another flash fiction challenge now destined for something bigger. It’s also one of my first sci-fi stories…

Books Like Grains Of Sand – originally a flash fiction photo challenge, and now the start of something new…

If All We Ever See Is Cathedrals – a flash fiction photo challenge

This Kitten I Knew – second place in the Flashtag writing contest 2013

Nash the Mole – Fire Crane no.2

You Don’t Talk To The Driver, The Driver Talks To You – Smoke no.16


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