Last FM, at last…


I can’t afford the premium subscription, so when Spotify shut me off last month, I tried Last FM. I was converted within the hour. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long. I love Last FM. I’ve created a library of a few dozen of the bands that have that tonal or emotional consistency I seek in my writing soundtracks, and Last FM mixes them up with random songs from their catalogues. I like not knowing what’s coming next, but it’s less random/irritating than BBC 6Music or iTunes.

As well as perennial British Sea Power, I have ambient, trip-hoppy jazz/fusion bands like Bersarin Quartett, Portico Quartet and Hidden Orchestra, and more abstract electronica from Stars of the Lid, Gonjasufi and Marihiko Hara. My fix of Scottish indie comes from Arab Strap, Meursault, Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat, Twilight Sad, Mogwai and Malcolm Middleton, with US indie in The National, Modest Mouse and The Antlers. If it’s all sounding a bit male, I’ve Russian Red, Cat Power, Bat for Lashes, Lykke Li and Daughter to redress the balance. I’ve also a spectrum of folk music from Beirut, Dan Haywood’s New Hawks, Bellowhead, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, James Yorkston and Dead Belgian. Some of my friends’ bands are on last FM, too, so I can throw Seven Seals, Dan Haywood’s New Hawks and Yeah Sparrow into the pot.

Last FM maintains consistency without the boredom of familiarity. I’ve discovered more new music in the last month than in the two years beforehand, but more recommendations would be very welcome – I’d especially like some more in the vein of Bellowhead, if anyone has suggestions…

3 thoughts on “Last FM, at last…

  1. Well man looking at my collection in the recently added the interesting things have been – Tim Maia ‘Racional Vol1’ / Orchestre National De Jazz ‘Piazzolla!’ / Sonny Rollins ‘Alfie’ / Lalo Zanelli And Ombu ‘Memoria Colectiva’ / Chapelier Fou ‘Scandale’ but I have been all over the place musically recently. My consistently favorite painting music is from The Dirty Three, especially ‘Cinder’. I’m making an effort to not listen to music online and put my records on and listen to the whole album. But in times of lostness I have my go to radio station FIP, you put that on for the day & you’ll see why. Maybe the best thing is the super sparse DJ chat which is just some french girl and the only word I can ever make out is ‘Milezzz Dave He sss’ said in a particularly sexy accent. Win. Thats where I get most of my music finds from these days, well lets be honest …all my finds. be the link to that..

    1. Cheers Pete! Good suggestions there – into the pot they go… Tim Maia looks totally bodacious.

      1. His back story is quite interesting, that particular album was from when he joined a cult. All very bizarre.

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