Seven Seals – Plan of Salvation

As well as teaching film, I make the occasional video, too. This is a music promo for local legends (and one of my favourite bands) Seven Seals. I’m slightly ashamed to say it’s taken me 18 months to finish, but then again, I have a child to take care of. And a redraft. The picture below is a screenshot of my final edit. You don’t know need to know how it works to recognise that it’s been tricky. But for all the work, I’ve enjoyed it. The song is taken from an amazing E.P. called As Above So Below, which you can (and should) buy on iTunes or Amazon. The first Seven Seals album, Owl Cage, is free to download here.


Filmmaking has had a massive impact on my writing. Where I used to strive for an internalised immersion, revealing narrative through stream-of-consciousness, my experiences in making and teaching film have helped me understand the simplicity – and power – of visual storytelling. Thinking of a novel like a movie helps a lot; in structure, in geography, in character, in description, in delivery.

Speaking of which – back to the writing. This novel won’t redraft itself. Unfortunately.

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