Bogs and marshes


Okay; this is extremely premature, given I’ve just started writing the second novel, but there have been developments on another story I’ve had brewing in the background. I’ve known for ages that I wanted to write about bogs and marshes, and I had a very vague narrative in mind. That idea has been simmering away for a while, and last night, just before I went to sleep, an entirely new aspect bubbled to the surface. As simply as that, the full story swam into focus. I had the sense to tell Mon, thankfully, because otherwise I would have forgotten. My memory is appalling, so I carry a notebook everywhere – but not in my pajamas.

This new dimension transformed a vague story into a concrete story, and I can now envisage so much of how it will play out. While I’m working on second novel Heaven, all I’ll do is write up some notes and salt them away in the depths of my hard drive. Premature, but it’s good to have that skeleton structure in place for when I’m ready (in 2013? 2014? 2015?) to start writing.

In the meantime, new novel has crept up to 2,500 words. Small steps, but I’m pleased with how it’s going. I’m deliberately taking it slow while I develop a new vocabulary – I’m trying to be quite careful about making the language distinct from Riptide Heart.

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