I’m trying to be more honest about my mental health, and wanted to say, despite some bits of good news, that I’ve not been feeling great lately. My job is getting me down and I’ve had a chest infection for weeks and weeks. I’m sick of being sick and sick of moaning about it. Some years the winters lay me low. Need a drink of daylight. I’ve been thinking a lot about Scott Hutchison, about the worth of work, about the world, about time, about all those tiny changes, each and every day. Doing what we can, I suppose, and trying to do that little bit of living along the way.

One thought on “Daylight

  1. Have you got a daylight lamp – one for SADS? They do help especially if you’re not able to get outside much! xxx

    Sara Sylvester, Westwood Farm, Brough Sowerby, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria CA17 4EG 017683 42313 or 07811 216590


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